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Be Kind

by Valerie Dearling

Be kind to the stranger

At your gate

Fill him with food and

love, not hate.

It behoves us all to

Behave with grace

Whatever his creed

Or colour or face.

Every tree and stone

Is here for a reason,

We are here for

Just a season.

The blink of an eye—

But what we do

Lasts an eternity

I can assure you.

happy face full

Of mirth and joy

Prejudice and hate

Will always destroy.

Tip the scales and

Be a part then

Of peace on earth

And goodwill to men

New Year

by Heather Atta

When Christmas draws near

Wiell then, it's time to spread the cheer

The love, the peace, the happiness

God's presence ever near

It's time to share, the romance

And the best, of what, can be

it"s time to revel in the dance

Of opportunity

We open up

To others' needs

We dine and sup

And tend good deeds

The air

Comes fraught

With seeds

Of joy

All effort sought

In loves employ

This magic time

That brings us back

To reasons rhyme

And seasons knack

Oh if, if only if, we could

Spend all the year

And be that good.