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Inner Space

by Valerie Dearling

In the east they know how to sit

and do nothing under a tree,

while in the west we'd be accused

of just being idle and lazy.

The contemplatives understand

the value of doing nought,

for in that seething nothingness

our sacredness is sought.

In a space between a breath

and less than a heartbeat or two

tucked in there dwells the divine

that essence that really is you!

So spare yourself a little time

in a group or alone,

go into the silent peace -

your soul will feel at home.

And while in meditative state

send out a thought or two

for those who are less fortunate

and blessed than me and you.


by Heather Atta

Spare me

Your absence

Give me

Your grace

Bathe me in light

So it smiles

In my face

Keep me connected

Through rain, wind and sun

Let me not wander

For then

I'm undone

Imbue your kindness

Around me

And more

Let not my blindness

Shut down

The door

Feed me

With nearness

Seed me


Imbue what I am


The feeling

Or love