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All You May Need

by Valerie Dearling

A catchy tune came over the air

Suddenly I hadn't a care,

Sadness and grief just fell away,

As arms and hips started to sway.

Bewitched by the melody

I just closed my eyes

And sang to the cat

Much to her surprise.

Lost in the moment

I forgot worries and grief

Felt whole and refreshed

'Twas such a relief.

Don't turn to the bottle

Chocs or the weed

A little dance music

Is all you may need.

My Dance

by Heather Atta

Surround me

As if


By Faerie

Delight all

My sense now

With Thee


If at first

I must


On my thirst

But my being

Is starved

And hungry

My dance

Took me roaming

All over

To Beings

And lands

I'd not seen

And it took me a while

To return

In my smile

Borne of knowing

And feeling

My theming

My meaning

My scheming

Return to

My dream