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Yea and Nay

by Valerie Dearling

Never make a promise

or swear and oath,

by close of day you

will regret both.

No, yes, maybe

is better by far

and to be equivical

will not leave a scar.

Truth not always absolute

in this worldly life

some truth is hard and

cuts like a knife.

Let your yea be yea

and your nay be nay

other than that just

smile and go on your way.

Surround Me

by Heather Atta

As if


By Faerie

Delight all

My sense now

With Thee


If at first

I must


On my thirst

But my being

Is starved

And hungry

My dance

Took me roaming

All over

To Beings

And lands

I'd not seen

And it took me a while

To return

To my smile

Born of knowing

And feeling

My theming

My meaning

My scheming

Return to

My dream