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Christmas Colours

by Valerie Dearling

In village and town

and church serene

the Christmas colours

are red and green.

Red so warm and

cheerful and bright

holly berries

a lovely sight.

The Christmas tree

aroma and spice

sheds her needles

in a trice.

Christmas comes and

goes so fast


do not last.

Many people

not so blessed

have nowhere

to feast or rest.

Make a difference

show you care

then offer up

a grateful prayer.


by Heather Atta

Humming ears

Joy filled eyes

Counting blessings

From the skies

Soul entrhalled

And mind aloft

Pleasures peak

And hope unlost

Daring, staying

Float filled laying

Drinking in

This living praying

Full of what may be

And more

Take your fill

Imbibe and soar