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by Valerie Dearling

Leaves ripped from trees

only lately unfurled

whatever is happening

to this wonderful world.

To name the stroms now,

one after another,

the alphabet inadequate

why do we bother!

Oceans of plastic

forests cut down

no life in the village

not much in the town.

So much pollution

allergies rife,

killing each other

with bombs or a knife.

Is this what you want,

is this all you care?

Love one another

and then learn to share.

I knocked

by Heather Atta

And the door

Was opened

To me


At this magic

That God

Gave to we

I couldn't wait


For I knew

I would find

And the joy


Flood levels

Fair drowning

My mind


Fair basking

At my

New found game


So known

Yet forgotten

For shame


Is the answer

And God

Holds the key

So let's

Do his bidding

And heavenly