'Star of the East' Hall

49 Edge End Road Broadstairs

Kent, CT10 2AH

Telephone :

The Hall - (01843) 604733

Founder/President :

Karin Page - (01843) 597276

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Back Row (left to right)

Derek Champ,

Albert Borrowdale (Passed away)

Front Row (legt to right)

Olive Martin, Karin Page, Rosemary Barowdale, Olivia Wearing

"Star of the East Hall' was founded o the 28th April 1991 and this year will celebrate its twnety-seventh anniversary.

In that time there have been over 1000 Sunday Services, there have also been many Evenings of Clairvoyance where our loved ones, having returned home to the world of spirit, come to comfort and ecnourage those of us who are still needing worldly experiences to shape our destiny.

There have been over 6000 hours of events, healing sessions, meetings, talks, meditation and discussion groups, coffee mornings, open days etc, including all day and half day workshops in so many different subjects.

In 2010, through the efforts of volunteers under Karin's guidance, and the support of our congregation over many years, sufficient funds were raised to enable the completion of an extension. A healing room, a cloak lobby, storeroom and a disabled access toilet, were added to the Hall.

People who find their spiritual needs awakening, often find guidance and insight from a person with whome they talk, or through a demonstration, a workshop or lecture. Or they may find reassurance in words they hear through a visititing medium from a loved one in spirit.

Private readings are also available, which may offer comfort by showing evidence of life in the spirit world. We who serve at the Star have been privileged to help, albeit in some small way, the many people who come in search of some deeper meaning to life.

Karin Page and the Members of the Committee

Marriage ceremony at the Hall

21st Anniversary Celebration at the Hall, April 2012

Baptism Ceremony Hussar Hotel