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We who serve at the Star of the East have been privileged to help, albeit in some small way, the many people who come to the 'Hall' in search of some deeper meaning to life.

The need for a spiritual centre was identified by our President over thirty years ago, and through the efforts of volunteers under Karin's guidance the 'Hall' was opened for the first Sunday Service on the 28th April 1991. With the support of our congregation, an extension was built in 2010 with new facilities added.

Those who come to the 'Hall' often include those whose spiritual needs are just awakening and come to seek advice on how to discover what is awaiting them beyond this earthly life. Often, they find the key to the door, in the messages they hear from a loved one in Spirit through the words of a medium. Or a person with whom they converse or by meditation, as well as in talks and discussion groups, development circles and coffee mornings.

In 2010, through the efforts of volunteers under Karin's guidance, and the support of our congregation over many years, sufficient funds were raised to enable the completion of an extension. A healing room, a cloak lobby, storeroom and a disabled access toilet, were added to the Hall.

People who find their spiritual needs awakening, often find guidance and insight from a person with whome they talk, or through a demonstration, a workshop or lecture. Or they may find reassurance in words they hear through a visititing medium from a loved one in spirit.

Private readings are also available, which may offer comfort by showing evidence of life in the spirit world. We who serve at the Star have been privileged to help, albeit in some small way, the many people who come in search of some deeper meaning to life.

Karin Page and Olivia Waring at the Hall

Karin Page and Bill Bone


Remembrance Sunday Service

November 2019

STAR NOTES - April 2020

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NEWS from Karin

The number of spiritual events at the Star of the East Hall continues to grow. Last month saw the start of a new evening of meditation hosted by the clairvoyant Sally Woodmensell and held on alternate Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. This event compliments the already established Meditation and Development Circle hosted by Debbie and Keith King. Meditation and Development Circles are structured around understanding Spiritualism and 'meditation' and are valued by both those new to Spiritualism and long standing members of our church. Demonstrations of clairvoyance are given by the hosts or by guest clairvoyants at all events which are 'open' to all but there is an admission fee of £4 to cover expenses.

Services and clairvoyant events continue as per our programme and as advertised both in the printed Diary of Events (available from the Hall) and here on the website. We have been pleased on several occasions during February to find the Hall full and had to provide extra seating. it would be remiss of me not to mention, for those who are new or not aware of our activities, that we continue to invite clairvoyants both old and new to give 'readings' at all the Hall's usual events. Coffee mornings are regualar events and an opportunity for members and visitors to be given one-to-one 'readings' by one of the two clairvoyants in attendance.

On coffee mornings our healing room is taken over by our resident reflexologist Sarah, who provides a most relaxing foot massage, and by our resident therapist Paula, who gives her clients an excellent Indian Head Massage.Twenty minute sessions are bookeable in advance or on an opportunity basis, for £10.

On now to March - and we will welcome back Janet and Bill Bone who have been away since the end of January on a long visit to Australia and New Zealand. We shall look forward to hearing of their experiences and of Spiritualism in these countries.

January 2020

The New Year has ushered in some changes for the Star of the East. On Wednesday 15th January a general meeting was held. Our President took the chair and announced the setting up of a new and broader management structure consisting of Committee members and non-Committee members filling key appointments. She thanked everyone for their work and support over many years and welcomed the new members to the team.

The President also thanked two members of our congregatation who had recently made a generous donation or left a legacy to Church funds. The contribuitions  were given to promote the faith of Spiritualism in our community. The new apointments and the funds will enable important and much needed improvements to the fabric of the Star of the East Hall. Our new Publicity Officer is looking at ways of advertising the Star of the East to a wider community and possible additions to our list of events.

From the Diary of Events you will see that we will continue with our full programme and which includes Church Services, Coffee Mornings, Afternoon and Evenings of Clairvoyance, Healing and Reflexology.

Most Events, including the Sunday Family Service, incorporate a period of clairvoyance. As usual, the past month has featured Mediums who have been coming to the Star of the East for many years and new faces - some who have travelled considerable distances to be with us. Each Medium works in a unique way but all are in touch with the world of Spirit and bring messages of love and comfort to individuals in the Hall.

Our Sunday Service consistes of traditional Hymns, a reading, a healing prayer and an Address by the visiting Clairvoyant as well as about 35 minutes of clairvoyance. Music is provided by Chris, our organist, who has supported us over many years and succeeded his father who was in his time the Church Organist. After the Service there is tea, cake and biscuits as well as an opportunity for a session of Spiritual Healing. Like our Friday Service and most other events, both Service and healing are free, but donations for the Church are most welcome.