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The Seed

by Valerie Dearling

The dry seed tells the story

of a journey not begun

needing air, earth and water

and light and warmth of sun.

The earth to anchor and nourish

water to swell and feed

oxygen to breath by night

and sun to warm the seed.

Seasons are important for

the seed will stay at rest

until all of the conditions

help the seed to do its best.

The cotyledons top the shoot

until true leaves may grow

'tis then the plant established

its purpose seems to know.

Annual, perennial, bush,

flower shrub or tree,

all fulfilling their purpose

just like you and me.

My Heart

by Heather Atta

I heard babies

Were starving

Asked how this can be

And where

Is my suffering

Whilst this,

There's no me

There's no I

There's no feeling

For what

Is my lot

Whilst babies

Need healing

My self needs


For if

I cannot know

There are those

With more


I cannot


Help myself

I suppose

And I

Have this feeling

It all starts with


With sending

Out healing

With true


So when


Hear that


I intend

Play my part

I'll stop self


And give it

My heart