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On A Shaft of Light

by Valerie Dearling

A shaft of light

tears of joy

greet the new born

baby boy.

In the next house

forlorn and old

lies and old man

weary and cold.

Sorrows and joys

love and strife

filled up the book of

this man's life,

He floats between worlds

asking only release,

from this world-weary shell,

yearning for peace.

The baby's book is

blank and clean

deeds yet to be done

but already seen.

The old man leaves

during the night

to tears of joy

on a shaft of light.

Let Me Bask

by Heather Atta

Let me bask

In Gods love

And let God

Be my sun

Let me pray

For this blessing

Before all else is done

Let me go to God freely

And witness delight

In all that I feel

From all that is light

I pray, not to stray

Let love set me humble

To live by Your way.