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To Go Away

by Valerie Dearling

The pheasant on the doorstep

calls almost every day

if no food's available

he does not go away.

He taps on doors and windows

and stretches wings and neck,

lets out a mighty call

and mutters under breath.

He struts along the edge

of the lounge window bay

but he is very persistent

and will not go away.

On the clicking of the door

and goodies being placed

he pretends he is nervous

and that he's being chased.

Come the hunting season

we hope that he will stay

and not be hurt or hunted

and never go away,

Just so with out younsters

when comes that fateful day

although we fear and worry

they have to go away.


by Heather Atta

Light capture

My soul

Don't be shy

Make me whole


My being

And all I am seeing

Give softness and grace

Let it smile

From my face

Let my hearing

Be finer

A kinder diviner

Let realness sweep through me

Reality woo me

Excite me

Invite me

My being

Delight me

Enthrall me

Install me

Let nothing

Appal me

My strength

Be my glee

Lend this happy

To me